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    1. 公司宣傳片公司形象片
      Our service
      What we do

      we provide our partners all over the world with the most professional solutions for import and export business

      we are committed to building a win-win cooperative relationship that can benefit all our partners

      we work closely with suppliers to meet the personalized needs of every customer

      AHTECH came into being with the former name of

      Anhui Foreign Economic and Trade Consulting Company.

      The company started import and export business and

      changed its name to Anhui Technology Imp. & Exp. Co.,ltd.

      The name of the company was officially changed into Anhui Technology Imp. & Exp. Co.,ltd.

      In that year, the company leaped to the top of the provincial list in terms of import and export volume

      and won the title of “Outstanding Enterprise in National Foreign Economic and Trade System.”

      AHTECH passed ISO9000 quality management system authentication,

      being the first among foreign economic and trade enterprises in China.

      AHTECH exported its first large power-driven vessel

      and started foreign economic cooperation business.

      An international investment department has been set up for tendering and bidding business.

      Anhui AHTECH International Real Estate Co., Ltd. has been set up for real estate development.

      AHTECH’s import and export exceeded 400 million US dollars, and won

       the honor of “Contract-observing and Trustworthy Enterprise of China.”

      AHTECH started import and export of resource-based products, and the total export-import volume

       of the same year exceeded 600 million US dollars. It also obtained bidding agent qualification in the

      same year for government procurement, construction projects and central investment projects.

      Total export-import volume exceeded one billion US dollars, AHTECH 

      started to launch “Nourishing Plan” management innovation project.

      AHTECH held a grand celebration to mark the 30th anniversary of its founding, and it

      was selected “Vice-Chairman Unit of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export

      of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME)”, and “Vice-Chairman Unit of the

      China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Light Industrial Products & Arts-Crafts.”

      AHTECH became a member enterprise of the Fortune Global 500 Anhui Conch Group.

      AHTECH achieved a total import and export volume of US$1.9 billion,

      ranking at the forefront in Anhui among its peer companies.

      Cooperative partner
      More than 1000 customer strength to witness, thirty years brand, it is worth your trust.
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